Easton pitcher helmet

Easton, a baseball gear company, has created a helmet that’s been specially designed for pitchers. Because pitchers currently have no headgear (besides their cap) to protect them, a batter that hits a ball right at them could easily cause some injury to the head. Easton is trying to change all this. They have come up with a concept helmet for pitchers. Made from expanded polystyrene – this lightweight material is designed to absorb energy so that it takes away the majority of ball’s impact on the pitcher’s head. Because it easily fits over their cap and is extremely light, pitchers won’t feel encumbered by wearing the helmet – in fact they won’t feel a thing, while still receiving a noticeable amount of protection. Not to mention, the helmet makes you look like some sort of cyber soldier from the future. Easton plans to turn the helmets from concepts into commercial products by this fall.

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