Magic 8 Thing

If a regular Magic 8 Ball just doesn’t cut it for you and you don’t want to download one of the various free alternatives that you can find for your smartphone, making one on your own could do the trick. Called the Magic 8 Thing (because it’s not a ball), it does exactly what the Magic 8 Ball does – answers your yes or no questions that you’ve been dying to ask but are afraid of the scrutiny or judgment of your friends. Using parts he dug up around the house – an ATmega328, an LCD panel, and a mecury tilt switch he found in an old thermostat (he didn’t have an accelerometer lying around). Using his skills and knowledge, he threw the parts together, programmed the device and came up with the Magic 8 Thing. If you’re interested in the bragging rights that come with building your own toy, you can head here to find out how you can make one on your own. Hit the break to watch a video of the Magic 8 Thing in action:

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