Reports are surfacing that Apple has introduced new SSD drives -reportedly- from Samsung (SM128C SSD) which replace the former Toshiba TS128C in the Macbook Air. The change gives the computer a boost of  20% in write performance and 25% in read performance. Note that read performance is more important for most people as normal usage tends to induce much more “reads”, than “writes”.

Tech site AnandTech was the one who discovered this during its testing: “Regardless of manufacturer, the SM128C appears noticeably faster in sequential read/write performance. What we can’t confirm is how the two models differ in more intense testing, specifically with regards to random read/write performance, TRIM support, etc.” (Anandtech)

You might feel lucky to have hold off that Macbook Air purchase, but beware: there’s no guarantee that you will get this faster SSD. Apple might still integrate both SSD models for some time. Call it SSD roulette if you want… good luck to prospect Macbook Air buyers! By th way, don’t miss our Macbook Air Review

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