For those of you who grew up during the Nintendo Game Boy days, you would certainly have gone through the painful process of purchasing new AA batteries time and again – and this was back in the day when Sanyo have yet to discover the magic and wonder of eneloop batteries. Even rechargeables were rather expensive back then, but fast forward to today and you have rechargeable batteries that are not only cheap but of good quality as well. The R Battery concept that you see here sports a trio of slots that can hold AA as well as AAA batteries that have been consigned to the recycling heap – after all, near dead batteries still hold one last charge in them, and the R Battery intends to use the remaining juice as one large cell. 

No idea on what you’re going to plug this into, but at least it helps you squeeze out every last iota of power from your batteries, which is better than nothing at all. Now, if only a hardware manufacturer is willing to take up the cause and release it with a pocket-friendly price. Certainly this might be used to power your remote control or whatever devices around your home that need just a little bit of energy to run – high-powered devices like flashlights are certainly out of the picture, of course.

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