T-Mobile challenge

For all you iPhone fans in Seattle looking for a challenge to earn some money and possibly rub the faces of some Android fanboys into the mud, here’s your chance. T-Mobile has just issued a press release saying that they will be offering $1,000 to anyone with an iPhone – provided they beat the Galaxy S 4G of course. It wasn’t stated what the speed challenges are, but if your iPhone can beat the Galaxy S 4G at its own game – an easy one grand is yours. However if you lose, you won’t have to fork out any money, in fact T-Mobile will give you $300 to trade in your iPhone for a Galaxy S 4G if you feel so inclined.

The contest seems a bit vague, but if you’ve got a first generation iPhone you’re willing to trade up for a new Galaxy S 4G – it’s not a bad deal. And it wasn’t mentioned if you can compete with jailbroken iPhones – who knows, some tweaking of the phone might give you the boost needed. But if it’s about the Galaxy S 4G’s data connection, I guess you’ll have no chance but to hope that their network is down that day. Head here for the list of stores that will be taking part in this competition this weekend. Will any of you be trying your luck at T-Mobile’s own game?

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