Post 9-11, air travel has become quite the nightmare – having to remove your shoes, jacket, belt, and laptop to be screened, while some of you have the “honor” of stepping forward into the full body scanner, letting TSA staff check out just what kind of undies you’re wearing for your trans-Atlantic trip. All in the name of security – I’m sure the brave men and women have found their job difficulty level increased by a notch as well, but eternal vigilance the price everyone has to pay for liberty. What if there was a less invasive method of security checks? Enter the AllClear from Brijot.

The AllClear is a handheld screening device which is touted to scan for security risks sans pat-downs or invasive imaging. Being battery-operated, this passive millimeter wave people screening device is capable of detecting metallic and non-metallic objects, doing away with the need for pat-downs. Here’s a quick description of the AllClear from the manufacturer themselves.

“The AllClear addresses the world’s need for concealed item detection while protecting the safety and privacy of people being screened,” Laskey said. “Instead of being a metal detector that only looks for metal objects, or an imaging device that takes a picture, it uses millimeter waves to detect concealed objects. Millimeter waves are naturally occurring forms of electromagnetic wave energy ranging from approximately 30 GHz to 300 GHz or 1 mm to 10 mm in wavelength. The AllClear is a passive millimeter wave system, so the AllClear measures the natural millimeter wave energy naturally generated by bodies and objects, enabling screeners to detect anomalies without the need for a pat-down or an imaging scanner.”

Since it can detect potentially harmful items without requiring to touch the person being screened, it might also reduce the number of lawsuits by folks who felt as though their personal space was being violated in a pat-down. Items that the AllClear can detect include metallic objects, liquids, solids, powders, explosives, currency (paper), ceramics, drugs and contraband. Bear in mind that this need not see action at airports only, but can be used in other public areas like stadiums, schools and the ilk.

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