Aptito has just announced the launch of the world’s very first entirely digital menus. The next time you enter a restaurant for a meal, you might not have to order food from a regular paper menu or have the waiter to recite what today’s specials are. Instead, you’ll be given a tablet with digital menu software.

Aptito digital menus are touted as the next evolutionary step for restaurants that are seeking to increase customer awareness and loyalty, and offer their valued guests a modern and interactive way to order food. Being digital, these menus can be easily and effortless updated within minutes i.e. when a certain dish has been sold out or when the soup of the day needs to be changed. This means that customers won’t have to deal with ordering dishes to then later find out that it’s sold out.

Going digital means that restaurants don’t have to spend so much money reprinting a menu each time they change what they have to offer, typos can be easily fixed, hunger-inducing pictures can be also in high resolution, along with videos to draw customers to order them. Games can also be preloaded onto the tablets, giving kids something to do while waiting for the food. Though it might be a bit costly to furnish each table with a tablet, the number of possibilities on how to enhance the dining experience is limitless. Find out more at Aptito’s website.

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