vikauraA picture speaks a thousand words, or so the saying goes. Well, instead of texting your feelings, or saying it out loud over the phone, there are times when you need not type or speak a single word – but to send an expressive photo of yourself to a particular recipient, and know how that image would mean so much to the recipient, perhaps even lifting one up from the doldrums. Vikaura happens to be such a device that sports an E Ink display, helping connect one to one’s world via a smartphone app. This app would have “linking” functionality over Bluetooth, allowing the Vikaura to be on the receiving end of incoming photos and information.

It does not matter too much where you hang up or place the Vikaura – photos will still be transferred to it all the same. Not only that, you can also come up with an “at a glance” page which will show off various useful information such as weather, calendars, stock prices, reminders, and notifications, among others. Of course, you can also rope in your friends to send photos or messages on Vikaura, and if you are up to it, why not write your very own app? After all, the API for Vikaura will be released in the near future – for free, too! Not only that, another outstanding point of the Vikaura would be its patented power management system that allows the replaceable battery to run for years – without the need for a recharge! That’s one less charger to worry about, right?

Right now, the Vikaura is a Kickstarter project, so enough funding will see it realized.

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