sydney-e-ink-signs-2015-07-27-01Traffic signs are put up all the time to warn drivers about no-parking zones, work being done on roads, potential traffic hazards, stop signs, road closures, and etc. These signs do not come cheap as it was estimated that the city of Los Angeles has spent $9.5 million putting up a variety of traffic-related signs.

So much so that over in Sydney, Australia, it seems that the government has decided that maybe having to pay for signs all the time and maintaining them might not be so cost-effective in the long-run, and that maybe a better solution would be to turn to using e-ink display as signboards instead.

While e-ink displays are relatively low-tech, it also means that it is easy to deploy. The fact that they are easy to read under bright sunlight also helps as well. There is also a small light to illuminate the sign at night. The technology was developed with a company called Visionect and these signboards actually come with a cellular connection so that they can be updated as needed.

Sydney’s Road and Maritime Services agency has also developed an anti-tampering and location detection tech, just in case someone decided that this e-ink signboard might look good hanging over their bed.

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