eink-paint[CES 2015] When it comes to e-ink displays, this technology has been touted to be fantastic in their own right as they require very little juice to function – which means the ability to last for days – and perhaps even weeks, on a single battery charge, and again, depending on the capacity of the battery. However, most of the time, e-ink displays have operated in the world of black and white, but all of that is set to change with E Ink Holdings kicking things off with a new color changing display that was based on technology which was developed in the first place to see action in the likes of the Kindle and the Pebble smartwatch. Known as Prsim, it looks set for other applications rather than debuting on an e-reader.

Prism was meant to be used by interior designers and architects, allowing them to offer spaces which are able to change both color and mood in a jiffy. Hence, if you were to get sick and tired of a particular shade, simply change it with a wee bit of tweaking, and who knows? There might even come the day when it can be programmed to function as a slideshow of sorts, running on a minimal power charge.

Apart from that, Prism has another distinct advantage – a reflective surface which has been specially designed in order to have it resemble a painted wall, now how about that? There is no word on why the Prism technology will not make its way to mobile devices, perhaps the scaling down of things have made life difficult?

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