Due to the size of our monitors, there is only so much information we can fit on it. This means that at the end of the day, there will still be a lot of alt-tabbing back and forth between windows if you have many open. Obviously this can be inefficient and you could always get a secondary monitor, but why give yourself eye-strain?

Created by Chinese company Dasung and unveiled at CES in 2015, Paperlike is basically an e-ink display which sports a 13.3-inch screen size. This makes it about the size of a laptop’s display which while might not seem ideal as a secondary display for your desktop, the fact that it is e-ink means that users can use it for long periods of time without the eye-strain that comes from using regular monitors (there’s a reason why e-readers use e-ink).

The max resolution of Paperlike is at 1600×1200, or alternatively you could opt for lower res at 800×600. Given that this is an e-ink display, its refresh rate isn’t quite as fast as regular monitors, so choosing your resolution will matter. However we can only imagine that this will come in handy if you are doing some research and have the research materials open on the Paperlike while you type away on your regular monitor.

In any case Paperlike is currently on Indiegogo seeking funding so if you think that this is a display you could benefit greatly from, then be sure to head on over to pledge your support.

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