France might be the country that depends on nuclear plants the most for its energy needs, but that doesn’t mean the country does not have a heart for the environment as well. A couple of projects launched in France might just be bigger than most of the other European utility scale solar projects, sporting a joint surface area of 89 acres, and boasting the capability of generating up to 18.2MW combined. The two solar farms are located in Les Mées, France, and will boast of panels that cover 200 hectares and producing around 100MW by the end of the year.

This is the largest yet to date where renewable energy firm Enfinity is concerned, and interestingly enough, the project itself was implemented without having to use concrete foundations, since it was specifically designed to enable grazing by sheep. Talk about going really green!

Could this be the solar century that many experts are predicting? When the efficiency levels of solar panels start to increase, such solar farms would become even more viable – and could the unthinkable happen with France as they remove their dependency on nuclear energy?

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