Want to take recycling to the next level? You might want to take a leaf out of China’s book, where creations constructed out of waste parts from old motor vehicles. Makes perfect sense, actually, as most of the Transformers that we’ve seen are actually motorcars. Of course, there are also other Transformers that come in different form factors, and I have always wondered just how something so big can shrink into something so small.

People have flocked to see these creative creations that are being paraded at the Nanjing International Auto Exhibition in Nanjing (obviously), which is the capital of east China’s Jiangsu province.  Hopefully they are sturdily built – it would be catastrophic to have that big guy up there topple over the small kid and squash him like a bug.

Those robots do look rather shabby, but then again what can one expect from old vehicles that are condemned to the scrap heap? Hopefully all those junkyards that you see out there will also be able to find a creative outlet for their waste to do their part in keeping the earth green.

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