Bill Gates’ Recycled Water Has Begun Rolling Out In Africa
Remember earlier this year Bill Gates drank what was essentially recycled poop that through the technological marvel of the Janicki Omni Processor, was transformed into drinkable water? It looks like whatever tests and trials they were previously conducting was a success because it seems that the system is now live and has begun rolling out to parts of Africa as part of a larger test.For those who are unfamiliar with […]

Woman Drops Off Rare Apple-1 Worth $200K At Recycling Firm
Recycling firm Clean Bay Area received several boxes of electronic equipment from a woman recently who sent off the boxes to this gadget recycling firm after she cleaned out her garage following her husband’s death. Little did she know that one of those boxes had a rare Apple-1 computer in it, which is not only hard to come around these days, but tends to fetch a lot of money at auctions. Clean […]

Recycled Fish For Fashion?
Craig Kasberg, an Alaskan angler, has already spent 8 summers on the ocean by his 23rd birthday, so if he were to talk to you about the sea and life on board a boat, you would want to sit up straight and start listening. In fact, Kasberg is witness to how crucial sustainable fishing is to a coastal town from where he hails from, and has decided to help out […]

Coca-Cola’s Happiness Arcade Accept Empty Bottles As Payment, Not Quarters
As our landfills start to, well, fill up, it’s time that we started paying more attention to the idea of recycling where products are simply thrown away, but are disposed of properly and thoughtfully and given a new life in which they can be made into new products.Perhaps that’s an idea that Coke is toying with, or maybe they’re just doing it to sell more drinks, or maybe it’s just […]


Recycling bins in London get LCD displays
Normally, the recycling bins that we see around us encourages us to separate the trash into plastics, paper, glass and “others” – and they are just one step above the trash bin “social ladder” simply because of a greener cause. Not so with London’s latest recycling bins, where these will sport dual-screen LCD displays. Meant to be bomb-proof, these high tech trash bins are expected to make their presence felt […]

Sony goes green with new trade-in and recycling website
Since companies can’t possibly stop making products just to make the world a better place, they can try to make things better by improving their packaging and making their products easy to dispose of. Well Sony Electronics took it a step further today by announcing the launch of its new Trade-In & Recycling website. The website is designed to help consumers find the best way to trade-in or recycle both […]

Apple quietly rolls out updated recycling program
Apple has prided themselves in doing something for the environment, such as making sure that their products are made from materials that do not harm the environment, such as the lack of certain chemicals. They have also a recycling program, which until recently required the user to pay $30 if they sent in a product for recycling, or for free if they bought a Mac at the same time.

Motherboard Gifts recycles technology in effort to save the earth
The world’s population is already going to touch the 7 billion population mark – now that is certainly an achievement to be proud of, but one thing’s for sure – are we consuming or wasting too many resources that we might end up destroying the planet due to our selfishness? Motherboard Gifts has an idea to help convert technology into gift items that aren’t tacky, but rather, pleasant to the […]

Transformers made out of waste auto parts
Want to take recycling to the next level? You might want to take a leaf out of China’s book, where creations constructed out of waste parts from old motor vehicles. Makes perfect sense, actually, as most of the Transformers that we’ve seen are actually motorcars. Of course, there are also other Transformers that come in different form factors, and I have always wondered just how something so big can shrink […]

Recycling Entertainment System makes music with old NES controllers
Nobody likes throwing out old stuff, and with retro being the new cool nowadays, repurposing old gadgets and devices for new features is pretty common. But not every day we encounter a device as funky as this. A hobbyist named Benjamin Gaulon gathered a bunch of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controllers, hooked them up to a central hub and created a musical device that can be controlled by up to […]

Solar electric vehicle charging station recycled
How about going greener than you normally would? That’s exactly what happened with this solar electric vehicle charging station that was constructed using recycled materials, and to think that it has now been recycled itself – and will see action by powering service vehicles at Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is a generous donation from Brooklyn-based renewable energy company Beautiful Earth Group, where the waterfront park will be able to harness […]