If you’ve ever cleaned your house you will realize that there’s more to cleaning than just sweeping, mopping and vaccuuming the floors. There are table tops to be dusted, top of shelves, televisions, monitors, computer casings, etc. What if there was a device that you could wear on your hand that would aid in the dust of said tops, would that be something you would be interested in?


Introducing the hand vacuum cleaner, a device which you can strap on to your hand and allows you to vacuum away various surfaces with no problems. Granted of course it was probably not designed for you to vacuum the floors since that would require you to get on all fours and a task which a regular vacuum cleaner will be able to get done with no problems, but if wiping down the top of shelves, computers and televisions is too slow then perhaps the hand vacuum cleaner would be a device more suited to the task.

Due to the fact that it’s strapped to your hand, the motions used for cleaning countertops is said to be more of a natural motion, in fact one can even strap two to themselves, one for each hand which would double the speed and area covered. It’s still currently in concept but what do you think? Do you see this hand vacuum cleaner selling or should it just remain in concept?

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