Folks who are tired of having to launch an automatic link shortener each time they post on a link on Twitter, will be glad to know that Twitter has reintroduced its link shortening feature on the service. The feature was around back on the old Twitter but strangely it didn’t make it to the new Twitter (the latest design revamp we now have). But in a blog post, Twitter was excited to announce that the feature is back again.

Whenever a user pastes a link into the compose box and hits the Tweet button, Twitter will shorten the link to only 19 characters. But if users have their own favorite shorteners to use, i.e. for stat tracking or just URL preferences, they can still use what they want.

This move shows Twitter is incorporating more and more features from other websites and third party solutions into its official solutions, encouraging more people to go official instead of using an alternate client to access the microblogging service. Head over to to try out the new URL shortening service now.

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