Security is important, but sometimes it can get expensive to install, but if you think your house or office is relatively safe from burglaries, or if you’re just looking for a way to monitor the nanny or your office staff while you’re away, then perhaps the Logitech Alert security system is a cheaper alternative, and just as effective.

The security system comprises of both the Logitech Alert HD video security system, which are a bunch of cameras and a wireless network adapter. Basically all you need to do is hook the wireless network adapter up to your wireless router, place the camera(s) where needed, download the Logitech Alert app for your iOS device, and you’re good to go! Additional options are available such as the option to have emails sent to you the minute the cameras detect motion, so you will be able to quickly tune in to your cameras and assess the situation.

The Logitech Alert HD video security system starts as low as $299, which comes with 1 camera, or you could even go for the 3 cameras option which retails at $909, which is certainly much cheaper than regular home security services. For more pictures and a more in-depth review, just head on down to Gear Diary’s website.

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