As if it wasn’t bad enough that LulzSec was out there hacking websites and bringing down systems like Sony and government websites belong to the US Senate and CIA and also leaking 62,000 username and passwords for unnamed websites, but now it looks like they have teamed up with hacktivist group Anonymous in a global operation which are targeting banks and governments.The operation which has been dubbed Operation Anti-Security was launched today and declared “unremitting war” on the “freedom-snatching moderators” of the internet and also against whitehat security terrorists, basically security groups that hack for a legal and good cause. They have also called upon other hackers to join them in their “mission” and to leave the “Antisec” signatures as a form of digital graffiti in order to spread the word.

We’re not sure how successful they will be but so far they have managed to bring down some major systems and hacking into the CIA website was probably no easy feat although we are pretty sure the government and law enforcement agencies are probably working around the clock trying to track them down and bring them to justice. It’s one thing to protest for internet freedom and the right to uncensored speech but it’s another to target high profile websites that could bring about grave security risks and cause undue trouble and possibly harm to the innocent users belonging to those sites.

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