LulzSecWe all know that LulzSec decided to call it quits a few days ago and left the world with a final parting gift: a cache of stolen data, emails and more. However according to some folks who downloaded the collection ended up with more than they bargained for – included was a file that many anti-virus scanners flagged as a Trojan horse. Needless to say, people thought this was another great prank by the group who committed its crimes “just for lulz” and it was their “final goodbye”.

Well, it turns out to be a false alarm after all. The folks over at Kaspersky Lab, McAfee and Trend Micro took a closer look and announced that this was incorrect. Apparently it was flagged as a Trojan because it used pirated WinRAR compression software that made the file look very similar to known malicious programs.

So for those of you who are worried that you’ve downloaded a Trojan, especially if you had tried to run the file in question (BootableUSB/Program Files/WinRar/WinRar v3.71 exe in AT&T internal data.rar) – fret not. You didn’t just install another Trojan horse onto your computer.

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