Cameras have evolved throughout the years, as most technology does. Externally however, camera design has not really been that radical, unlike the technology used inside the cameras, which have come a long way from its humble beginnings. If you take a look at DSLR and compact cameras, you realize that throughout the years, the changes have not really been radical, perhaps new colors, more curved edges, smaller and more compact. With the addition of a couple LCD screens, we can’t say that design wise, the camera has undergone a tremendous facelift, at the very least we can admit that the evolution in design has been a slow, steady and consistent one. At least not until we saw what Nikon had in store during an exhibition held in France, where they unveiled several prototype/concept cameras.


If you want to talk about radical designs, these are right on the money, as you can see in the photo above, which shows two of the several designs Nikon had on display. The first design looks like it brings together a handy cam with a DSLR lens, when in reality it combines an LCD screen, camera lens and a grip, which we’re guessing may be aimed more at recording and shooting videos as opposed to taking photographs.

The second design is what Nikon calls the “multi ball”, which is a camera that is spherical in shape, which we’re guessing will be used for 360 panoramic photography, or as Nikon describes it, “multi-views that can capture the atmosphere of a scene.” Pretty interesting concepts/prototypes although it doesn’t seem very likely that photographers today will be willing to put aside their thousands, and thousands of dollars in equipment for a new way to take photos, or will they?

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