One way Windows

While it’s been speculated for quite some time that the N9 would be the last MeeGo device from Nokia, especially since Nokia will be onboard with Windows Phone 7 starting this year, people were still hopeful about the future of MeeGo and Nokia. Well according to a recent statement from Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, it looks like we can put all those dreams to rest.

Here’s what he had to say, according to a quote from a Finnish report (translated to English):

“But even on that phone sales would be a success, Nokia has no intention of coming back Meego  smartphone operating system, says CEO Stephen Elop”

Jussi Mäkinen, Nokia product manager was more positive about the phone, replying a tweet about the N9 being the last MeeGo phone from Nokia he said:

“the innovations in design, UI, and the Qt developer experience in Nokia N9 will live on in a variety of ways in Nokia.”

It looks like the N9 really is the nail in the coffin for Nokia’s relationship with MeeGo. I wonder if they’ll regret the decision if they end up selling a billion N9 phones. How many of you are planning to pick up the Nokia N9 when it’s released? I predict a high secondhand value for the phones once Nokia stops selling the N9.

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