Who would have ever thought that a regular helmet might actually end up being nigh portable, and heck, foldable? Sure, we’ve seen those science fiction movies where one’s helmet folds all the way to the back in a scale-like manner, but perhaps things might change with the Proteus Folding Helmet you see above, brainchild of 25 year-old Australian Jessica Dunn.

Jessica did gain experience through spending a good five months riding a motorbike in Indonesia as a foreign exchange student, where she wore a helmet at the time there. Since necessity is the mother of all invention, Dunn decided to work on the Proteus Folding Helment, where it has even been shortlisted for the James Dyson Award.

Boasting an outer layer of polycarbonate covers polystyrene foam, it will also have an innermost layer that is made out of a material which is pliable during normal use but instantly hardens when it registers an impact. The helmet will collapse itself just like how hardtop convertibles do it, where the visor will slide back right on top with the sides and back folding comfortably into the helmet’s interior cavity. Hopefully structural integrity won’t be compromised with so many moving parts around.

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