Talk about bringing DIY (Do It Yourself) projects to the next level – a husband who is upset and angry at his wife actually connived to kill her through a rather “creative” method – by building his very own version of the electric chair, coercing her to sit in it to kill her because she wanted to file for a divorce. Fuming Andrew Castle, who is 61, actually wired the metal chair to the mains in their garage, where he then asked Margaret his wife to sit down “for a chat”.

The plan was to flip the switch after that, sending all 240 volts through her body, before he went ahead with his plan of committing suicide. Margaret, who was none the wiser, did sit in the chair, but providence had it that she got up before Andrew could turn the power on. He followed up with Plan B, which was hitting her with a rubber cosh, although she managed to escape – but not before both 61 year olds ended up by fighting on the streets after 18 years of marriage, prior to the police’s arrival.

Castle returned home to kill himself when Margaret was sent to the hospital for her head injuries, but he failed to depart to the netherworld despite slashing his wrists.

Sad, but true. Andrew Castle was later sentenced to 10 years in the slammer. At 61, he would get out a decade later, which would translate to a pretty bleak future.

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