The Google+ phenomenon of a social network experiment does not seem to be stopping anytime soon, having already surpassed the 18,000,000 figure in less than a month – leading some people to wonder whether Google+ is the new Facebook. Well, Windows Phone 7-powered smartphone owners might whoop with joy to know that they could very well land the Google+ app on their handset sometime this week. Just how did this speculation come about? Well, it seems that the Google team did outline a bunch of new features that might be implemented this week, with one of the items on the list being “Google+ app for Windows Phone 7”.

That is as straightforward as it can get, and to see it appear on a different mobile platform (it has already made it to the App Store) apart from their own Android-powered phones is encouraging, since it shows that developers and users are platform-blind when it comes to getting their social network fix.

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