The glasses-free 3D movement has certainly picked up to a certain extent, what with stereoscopic 3D capable phones and the Nintendo 3DS having hit the market for some time already. The novelty does wear thin rather quickly for some people though, and perhaps with better technology in the future, things might change and people could very well soften their stance and start to see 3D as a need rather than a nice add-on. Hitachi advances the cause for glasses-free 3D further with their latest 4.5″ IPS display. What makes this latest release is the fact that it boasts a relatively high 1280 x 720 resolution – unheard of for a display that small, let alone having the ability to display stereoscopic 3D imagery sans glasses.

How is this made possible? Well, for starters, it relies on a far less common lenticular lens approach instead of the parallax barrier method that sees action in the Nintendo 3DS and HTC EVO 3D. Hitachi claims that this route makes 3D images brighter than ever before, and hopefully if it were to arrive in consumer electronics devices, it won’t be (too) expensive.

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