iPad 2 Display Dock

How many iOS gadgets do you own? If the answer is more than one, then you’re probably looking for convenient way to store them when not in use, so they don’t end up missing all around your house. Plus it would be convenient for you to find, after all nobody likes looking around the house for their phone, tablet or mp3 player when they’re in a rush right?

And that’s what the iPad 2 Display Dock does. Looking similar to the docks found at the Apple Store, the iPad 2 Display Dock is made from clear acrylic that is custom milled and hand polished. It’s see-through so it should have no problem matching its surroundings (if that is important to you). It has a place just for your iPad 2, with a slot that allows you to attach the charging cable so you can keep it charged while it’s in use. The dock is even tilted at what is said to be the optimum viewing angle for the iPad 2.

If you have extra iOS devices (i.e. iPod touch or iPhone), the dock even has two extra slots which you can use to store them as well. The perfect solution for the Apple aficionado with multiple devices? Possibly. The iPad 2 Display Dock is available now for $74.95, though it also comes in a version without the extra two docks for a cheaper $69.95. Head here if you’re interested in purchasing the iPad 2 Display Dock.

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