Typically phone manufacturers and platform developers discourage against the hacking of their products, probably due to intellectual property issues or perhaps in legitimate concern that by hacking or changing the device/software in any way may compromise it and leave it open to exploits and other unforeseeable consequences. Apple is no different and has generally discouraged jailbreaking of their iOS devices, but in an ironic twist of fate, it looks like jailbreaking your iOS device may be the only way at the moment to protect yourself from a huge security flaw.


It was only yesterday that Comex released version 3 of JailbreakMe.com, a website used for easy jailbreaking of iOS devices, where the jailbreak was achieved by exploiting a zero-day bug found in iOS. The developers then proceeded to offer a patch which would then close the exploit, which means that at the moment, it looks like owners of jailbroken iOS devices are safe, while regular users will have to wait for Apple to come up with the patch.

The exploit has the potential to be pretty dangerous as it leaves iOS users vulnerable to hackers who may be able to exploit the hack to gain complete control of their device. The good news is that Apple is generally pretty fast when it comes to these sorts of things, only taking two weeks to release a patch that patched up the bugs Comex had used last year for version 2 JailbreakMe.com. Let’s hope this time Apple will be able to deliver the patch just as fast, or perhaps even faster.

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