When it comes to iPad cases, usually the choices taken are either something sleek, which adds as little weight as possible to the device, or something totally bulky, which is aimed at protecting the device from 60-foot drops. Of course we have the keyboard case alternatives which seem to be gaining popularity, essentially transforming your iPad into a MacBook-ish sort of device. Then we also have cases where its function is more about adding aesthetic value, with practicality taking a back seat.

Meet the Panda from Hooby Groovy Land. Coming in a $54.95, this iPad case is made out of 2mm felt material which not only makes this pleasing to the eyes, but pleasing to the touch as well (who doesn’t like to touch felt, right?). It even comes with a back pocket that supposedly will be able to hold pens and CDs, with the Panda’s “claws” doubling up as a hook for your headphones when they’re not in use.

The Panda case is also available in iPhone size, along with a variety of other designs such as Yoshi, Goomba and Super Mushroom, which are available from Hooby Groovy Land’s Etsy shop. Granted they probably won’t be able to withstand a car running over them, but if you’re going for cute then these ought to do the trick.

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