For those who are wondering about the A.P.C. brand, they’re actually a designer brand of jeans from France that specializes in raw denim jeans which could easily fetch hundreds of dollars for each pair. Together with Incase, they have produced a set of sleeves for the iPad as well as the Macbook that will also cost you a pretty penny, although we have to admit they do look very stylish.


The sleeves are made out of the same selvage denim from Japan and comes with a leather trim for that added touch of class. Apparently there are also Asia-only exclusive iPad and Macbook sleeves which feature additional designs on the sleeves, as pictured above, and what looks to be guitar effects pedals in the design. If not you could always go for the clean and minimalistic look with the original design.

However if these sleeves catch your eye, be prepared to fork out a hefty sum for them. For those of us that pay $30-50 for a pair of jeans, it doesn’t really make sense to buy a sleeve that is made out of less denim than our jeans, but yet costs almost four times the price. According to Incase’s website, the Macbook sleeve will set you back $124.95 while the book jacket for the iPad 2 will cost $242.95. Ouch.

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