Zeppelin AirWhile BlackBerry users are soon going to be sharing music over the BBM Music service, it looks like iOS will have its own answer to it, through the form of Zeppelin Air. The first app that was ever designed to collect and share tunes wirelessly on iOS devices. Hosting a party, but don’t have a large enough variety of music, or you just don’t have enough music at all?

Instead of subjecting your guests to the same old music, or letting them listen to boring, advertisement-filled radio, why not let them join in the fun with their own tunes instead? And that’s what Zeppelin Air does. Using the power of AirPlay, Zeppelin Air, you’ll be able to generate a huge playlist of songs from your guests (hopefully they have iOS devices), which you can then stream to an AirPlay compatible speaker dock for the whole party to enjoy.

Since you’re the host, you’ll be able to choose what tracks get selected, what tracks don’t (i.e. if you don’t want anything too vulgar or noisy going on – you’ve got the power to veto it). A lot of iOS-using friends required for best results. Head over to the Apple App Store to download it now (it’s free).

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