The world’s population is already going to touch the 7 billion population mark – now that is certainly an achievement to be proud of, but one thing’s for sure – are we consuming or wasting too many resources that we might end up destroying the planet due to our selfishness? Motherboard Gifts has an idea to help convert technology into gift items that aren’t tacky, but rather, pleasant to the eyes, sophisticated and always cool.

The name of the company itself gives the game away – Motherboard Gifts will actually design gifts and promotional items using nothing but recycled circuit boards. Jay Silver and his wife Maida both own and operate Motherboard Gifts, making it a family business that has a heart for the environment. Throw your defective and abandoned circuit boards their way, and watch them turn it into a piece of art.

They do seem to have a wide range of items to choose from, starting from cuff links to clocks, business card holders, money clips, coasters, cigar holders and heart-shaped pendants, it really depends on what you want and your budget. Go green this Christmas as your gift to the world by recycling your junk electronics then.

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