Yiying Lu QR code artYiying Lu, the artist behind Twitter’s infamous Fail Whale, was recently chosen to create a collection of fashion illustrations for the inaugural issue of Meets Obsession magazine. And instead of just creating regular artwork with her skills (mind you, she is more capable of illustration than what you probably know her for i.e. the Fail Whale), she’s decided to spice them up a bit by making QR codes as part of the designs.


Each of the ten illustrations she created for the magazine featured a QR code that when scanned with a reader, will lead the user to a website where they can download free digital versions of Yiying Lu’s artwork for their desktop, phones and tablets. Talk about subliminal advertising. What’s great about the illustrations is how the codes are implemented into the artworks, nicely complementing the portraits that Yiying Lu created. Head here to check out high res versions of the artwork.

I previously mentioned that QR codes looked like they were going to make a comeback, and these new illustrations show how creatively they can be implemented. I wonder what other QR-code inspired work we’ll be seeing in the future next time?

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