Angry Birds bra

What better way to tell the world you like gaming than to buy merchandise for showing your love for your favorite video games? While these items usually range from shirts, caps, backpacks and badges, a SceeneShoes from Etsy decided to take things further with some custom-made video game undergarments and shoes. After all, nothing screams “big fan” better than custom-made unofficial merchandise (pirated goods on the other hand is another story).

With prices ranging from $25 to $55, you can get yourself a pair of hand-painted Super Mario, Sonic, or Pokemon sneakers; or Angry Birds, NES controllers or Princess Peach’s top painted onto a bra for you. The perfect gift for the video game-loving couple – it’s pretty hard to go wrong with bras and shoes like these. Head over to SceeneShoes at Etsy for more images and purchasing details.

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