DROID Bionic extended battery
As we all know, 4G LTE technology is still in its pretty early stages, and at the moment it doesn’t play too well with today’s phones. Manufacturers are slowly improving how much battery radios use, but they’re still a long way off from perfecting it. At the moment there are only two solutions to the problem – turn off 4G, or get a bigger battery. Unfortunately, extended batteries for most phones are big and bulky, so manufacturers usually leave them as optional accessories, so consumers have to fork out extra cash for them.

Which brings us to the DROID Bionic. Released yesterday, this phone is no different when it comes to sucking the life out of batteries with its LTE radio on, good thing there’s an extended battery available for the phone. The folks over at Android Central recently got their hands on one and did a hands-on report about it. It adds a noticeable bump to the back of the phone but it doesn’t stray too far from the phone’s original design.

The extended battery has a capacity of 2760mAh (as opposed to the 1700mAh stock battery) so it should significantly improve the phone’s time away from the charger. The extended battery for the DROID Bionic should cost you $49.99 (without any discounts). Anybody bought the DROID Bionic with the extended battery as well? What’s the battery life like?

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