Who can forget about how full body scanners tend to reveal more than what they’re supposed to, in the name of security? Well, new software has been written for the scanners that will make your flight experience a lot less harrowing, as you need not get all stressed up on whether your little bits and pieces are being seen by security officers. How does this new software work? It will transform each scan into a stick-man like cartoon, where ‘hot’ or ‘sensitive’ areas are highlighted as yellow squares.

Not only that, at least you too can check out what the security staff are looking at. These new scanners have already been installed at Heathrow, where it will use the same technology as the previous version, although with different software that you need not worry about having your body being scrutinized in an unwanted manner by security staff.

Hopefully this would mean full body scanners will be far better received by the masses and not shunned. All in the name of security, no?

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