Panasonic recently lifted the curtain on their latest communication assistance robot known as HOSPI-Rimo – while there are other two new models of the Hair-Washing Robot and RoboticBed, we’ll concentrate on the HOSPI-Rimo instead. This particular robot is meant to offer support for people who require assistance to lead safe, comfortable and pleasant lives.

The HOSPI-Rimo basically functions as an intermediary that intends to ensure comfortable communication between people who are bedridden or have limited mobility with others. Take for instance, their attending doctor who is in a separate room in the hospital or friends who live far away, but communication can take place as though it was face-to-face. Sounds like video calls, no? The HOSPI-Rimo also does more than that, as it can deliver medication automatically, so chances are we’ll be seeing this in hospitals far more than in homes throughout Japan.

Hopefully the HOSPI-Rimo won’t be too expensive to purchase so that even the layperson can afford on if he/she prefers to receive medical care at home. [Press Release]

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