GreenReflex has launched a new ultraportable electric scooter called MyWay. It is a foldable transportation device that is powered by an electric motor and a Li-Ion battery. Its main advantage is being extremely compact (110 x 24 x 37cm, folded) and at 12kg, it is relatively light, thanks to an aluminum construction. It has a range of 30km (18.6 miles) on flat surfaces and your mileage will vary depending on usage conditions.  Interestingly if you are using it on a campus or a warehouse it’s probably more than fine.


MyWay can be charged from a regular electric outlet, although we’re not quite sure how long it will take. At the moment, there is a 3-weeks wait before shipping as GreenReflex ramps up production, but I have been told that units should be stocked in time for the holidays. MyWay costs 2590 Euros ($3540), which is relatively steep despite the coolness of the design. We have yet to try one, but what do you think, and where would you go if you had one? [via Myway]


Weight: 12 kg
Frame : Aluminum
Range : 30 km
Brakes : V-brakes (front+back)
Battery : Lithium-Ion
Size : 108cm x 33cm x 110cm
Size folded : 110cm x 24cm x 37cm
Wheels: 10” (25 cm)

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