Onda Portable Microwave
Love eating outdoors but you dislike the idea of eating cold food and you’re too lazy to start up a fire to reheat it? Well, we might have an answer to that problem in the future. Over at the Electrolux Design Lab 2011 competition in London last week, the People’s Choice Award winner went to Matthew Schwartz, a student at California State University who came up with a portable microwave oven concept.

Called the Onda Microwave Oven, it gives consumers a quick, easy and efficient way to reheat or cook food while on the go. There’s no hassle of preparation or cleaning up – just pop in specially packed food into the portable microwave, hit start and just wait. When you’re done, you can eat – it’s that simple! It’s no surprise he was the favorite choice for many people. Hopefully Electrolux or Schwartz can turn this concept into a reality. Check out how it works:

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