wheel-conceptThere is nothing quite like renewable energy to solve the existing power woes, or at least help bring relief to households that happen to have high energy bills to pay each month. The Wheel is a concept from Si Hyeong Ryu that is part of the Electrolux Design Lab 2014 competition, and this concept intends to promote healthy lifestyles while offering a sustainable answer for the future.

Si Hyeong Ryu, is currently working on his degree at the Samsung Art and Design School while working for Industrial/UX Designing in South Korea, decided that the Wheel concept, which is a combination of a washing machine and a treadmill, will help wash your clothes while relying on human kinetic power to get the job done. The whole idea of this is to increase healthy lifestyles while cutting down on energy use.

This is definitely an interesting crossover between a gym bicycle or treadmill with that of a washing machine, and we would have liked to see him come up with a dryer version that will help turn our clothes dry once the washing is done, too. Apparently, any excess power that is generated from the spinning is able to be stored as electricity for future use.

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