You know how librarians love peace and quiet in their surroundings, and sometimes they might just want to bring home their work environment, which involves a whole lot of silence. If that is the case, surely their computers will feature silent fans in the chassis, not to mention quiet keyboards that do not click when your fingers dance all over them. How about when one is in the kitchen? This is where the Electrolux Powermix Silent blender comes in, where it is touted to be ten times quieter compared to your standard blender. Of course it isn’t whisper quiet, churning out around 80dB of noise (that is being inside a car that zooms by at 50mph), but it is still more silent compared to a motorcycle roar class of 90 to 95dB.

Just how did Electrolux keep this blender quieter than normal? Well, one of the main reasons would be it’s patented ‘Sound Reduction System’ that sees reduced vibrations and better airflow around the motor. Not only that, the rather unorthodox triangular jug design will also create a vortex effect better, pulling materials down to the blades.

Bear in mind that Electrolux being Electrolux, it will be available only in selected parts of Europe.

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