While becoming a chef did cross my mind at some point in time, the thought of having my eyebrows burnt off or having hot oil splashed on my hand was a bit off putting. However for those who’d like to be able to display their culinary skills without any burnt eyebrows, this concept called Fiery might be able to let you do that. As part of the 2012 Electrolux Design Lab entry, designer Karen I Man Cheong came up with the Fiery concept which basically allows chefs (or would-be chefs) to flambé food without worry of the fire getting out of control.

This is thanks to an igniter button being placed into the handle of the frying pan, and with an aluminum mesh shaped like a funnel, all the person would have to do is pour in the liquor, press the button and voila! Inspired by the Davy lamp, this would be a quick and easy way to impress friends, family and that hot date! Unfortunately it does not appear to be a real product yet, but as a question to chefs out there, would you love to have this gadget in your kitchen?

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