One of the drawbacks to shopping at the Apple retail store is that they usually only offer stock products. Meaning that if you wanted to get an iMac or MacBook Air/Pro with custom configured specs, i.e. bigger hard drive, processor or more RAM, you’d have to go through Apple’s online store. However if the reports are to be believed, Apple could be rolling out a new pilot program called “Sherwood” that will allow customers to select their customized products online, including engravings and gift-wrapped products, and pick it up from an Apple retail store.

The length the customer will have to wait may vary, with some products being able to be shipped to the stores on the same day, while others may require a few days. This seems like a pretty good idea, and users with problems with their products purchased online will be able to return it to the stores, thus streamlining the process and making it easier on the customer.

This would also cut down on the waiting around at home, especially for those who work during the day and will not be home to wait around for the delivery person, allowing them to pick up their product from an Apple retail store at their own convenience. The Sherwood program is said to be initially available through select retail stores, and we’re guessing depending on its success, will see it expand across the rest of Apple’s retail stores in the future.

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