Nokia Lumia 800We know that Microsoft has explicitly mentioned that there won’t be any Windows Phone 7 tablets; we know that there will be Windows 8 tablets, since the operating system has even been specifically designed for them. Well, it looks like Nokia might be onboard with creating Windows 8 tablets. According to an interview The Verge/This Is My Next recently had with Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, he mentioned that Windows 8 could be a big opportunity for the company which basically hinted at Windows 8 tablets, seeing how the OS isn’t designed for phones.

While it is far from a confirmation of Nokia-Windows 8 tablets, Nokia has expressed an interest in creating a tablet so it wouldn’t be surprising at all if they did make them, considering how close the Finnish company has gotten with Microsoft recently. Regardless, it would be interesting to see what Nokia can come up with. Check out the video interview with Stephen Elop below:

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