RC vCar 2.0
Remember the augmented reality remote control car app we wrote about previously, RC vCar? Well, Pop Culture Software, the developers behind the virtual remote control car racing game have released a major update which introduces some interesting features. Instead of just racing around the track (which could be the floor of your office or living room), you now have a game play mode where you collect coins, avoid obstacles – and eat bacon (yes, I’m as puzzled as you to why a car would eat bacon but hey – it’s fun!)


In the game mode, players are in a race against their fuel running out before they collect enough coins to move to the next level. After each level, they are rewarded with a bit of gas to continue racing (gas cans are also available in the game). For those of you who just want to release stress driving your virtual car around, the freestyle mode is still available so you can race your RC car throughout the environment without having to worry about knocking anything down or your car getting stepped on.

The RC vCar update is available now on the Apple App Store (if you haven’t purchased it before, it costs $0.99). Check out the funny promo video for RC vCar 2.0:

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