Samsung logoYesterday we reported that it seemed that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was designed in such a way to avoid any potential legal disputes with Apple. As it turns out, that wasn’t entirely true according to Samsung’s Executive Vice President of Product Strategy, Dr. Won-Pyo Hong. He was quoted as saying he had “no idea” as to how those rumors came about towards the end of the AsiaD conference.

According to Dr. Hong, the Galaxy Nexus was designed together with Google way before both Samsung and Apple started their patent war. While it in no way makes Samsung’s Shin Jong-kyun wrong, we guess perhaps he was referring to how Samsung was making sure that they weren’t stepping on anyone’s toes with their product, not just Apple specifically, which makes a lot sense.

Let’s not forget that it probably take a long time to design a product, come up with a working prototype before putting it into mass production, which means that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus could very well have been designed way before both Samsung and Apple came to legal blows with each other. However according to Dr. Hong, the TouchWiz UI will be seeing a tweak in its design that should make it less patent infringement friendly.

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