In a case brought by Apple against Samsung in the USA, Judge Lucy Koh (San Jose, CA) seems to lean on Apple’s side, especially when it comes to the design aspect of the lawsuit. However, she did not yet rule that Samsung products should be banned in the U.S, for now. Actually, she denied one out of three claims from Apple.Apple has sued Samsung, its most dangerous rival, as it claims that Samsung’s designs are basically “copies” of Apple’s products, including the iPhone and the iPad. Samsung denies that it has copied Apple’s designs and has argued that there is previous artwork, notably in Sci-Fi movies. Apple says that previous art doesn’t matter because the iPad design was the one “which made the difference”, which basically says that “success matters more than ideas”.

At some point, the judge did hold an iPad and a Samsung tablet and asked the Samsung lawyers to identify which was which (“duh”). Apparently, it took a while for the Samsung team to ID the devices, and the judge took notice.

In any case, while some media outlets have reported this saying that “Samsung infringe Apple patents”. But as long as there isn’t a ruling that bans Samsung products, we wouldn’t frame things that way. In any case, we should hear about this very soon as judge Koh said that she would formally rule “fairly promptly.”

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