Some people are just so darn handy with their hands – case in point, Ben Heck with his many creations which have proved to be really, really cool over the years. Well, here is yet another hardware mod that was not created by Ben Heck, but it is still some piece of work. A portable NES from the very same person who also did the HandyDuo, Handy Gear, and Nintenduo. Known as the HandyNES, it was constructed thanks to the NES top loader board. The code name? Aptly called “red mushroom”, this is because of it being a portable NES as well as its shape and color.

The project itself took more than a month to complete, and the modder ran into cart slot relocation wires issues along the way. Originally, 3200 mAh batteries were supposed to have been used, but then they proved to be too thick. Of course, saving the best for the last, the modder has the signature hot pink model, where the back half was painted pink in the process. How’s that for the coolness factor?

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