Nuclear Taco Sensor HelmetIf you ever need a device to tell you how uncomfortable you are when you’re eating something, we’ve got the perfect gadget for you. A team from altLab in Lisbon has come up with something called the Nuclear Taco Sensor Helmet. It’s basically a helmet that is attached with sensors connected to an Arduino board, and two helmet-mounted bottles filled with water and yoghurt.

The sensors measure your perspiration, temperature, the rate at which you suck from the bottles and calculates how uncomfortable you are and displays it on a meter on the helmet. It may be crude looking but it sure gets the job done – assuming you’re like most people and sweat a lot, heat up and drink a lot of fluids when you take something spicy. Oh, and there’s also an attached webcam that records your face while all this is going on.

No word on whether it will ever be turned into a real product but check out this mock game show its creators came up with to show off the Nuclear Taco Sensor Helmet:

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