Apple MultiServer

If you’re an avid collector and must have everything that Apple has ever built, you’ll be pleased to know that a bunch of items claimed to be rare Apple prototypes have turned up on everybody’s favorite auction site, eBay. Up for auction we now have the chassis of an Apple MultiServer – a product that was allegedly developed by Apple in the mid-80s but never released. It isn’t working because it is just an empty chassis. And if you’re wondering how much you can pick it up for, the current bid is at $1,275.53.

Other items include a prototype 1978 APPLE II ROM Card, and a prototype power adapter for a Macintosh PowerBook Duo 270C. All these devices are all pretty much useless right now, and are probably only worth something to collectors – so don’t expect to pick up something that you can use. But if you fit the bill, nobody is stopping you. The last two items haven’t been bit on yet, so you can try your luck if paying over a thousand bucks for the MultiServer chassis is too much for your taste.

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