EA logoWhen it comes to real time strategy (RTS) games, some popular titles come to mind, such as Starcraft I and II, and Westwood Studios’ Red Alert and Command and Conquer franchise, which has since been taken over by Electronic Arts (EA). Now the good news for those who are fans of the Command and Conquer franchise is that it appears a new sequel could be in the works thanks to a bunch of new domain names that EA has recently registered.

  • alliances-commandandconquer.com
  • alliancescommandandconquer.com
  • candcalliances.com
  • candctiberiumalliances.com
  • commandandconquer-alliances.com
  • commandandconqueralliance.com
  • commandandconqueralliances.com
  • commandandconquertiberiumalliances.com
  • generalsalliance.com
  • generalsalliances.com
  • redalertalliance.com
  • redalertalliances.com
  • tiberianalliances.com
  • tiberiumalliance.com
  • tiberiumalliances.com

As you can see the registration of these domain names along with the “alliances” moniker being thrown into the mix leaves little to the imagination, but as to when the game will be launched and further details? Well all of that remains pretty much up in the air for now, but with the Spike VGAs taking place this Friday, there is a chance that we could be hearing more about the game being detailed then!

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